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2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
January 2017 - Magazine No. 208
January 2017 - Magazine No. 208
The worldwide web is a central and meaningful part of our daily routines; it serves us in nearly all areas of our life: personal, health, cultural, professional, and consuming. The main target audiences for which websites  >>
KM in 2017: forecasts and expectations
Dr. Moria Levy
It's December again and the seasonal question arises (as it always does): what does the future hold in store? What trends can we expect to encounter in 2017?
In general,  >>
8 points of light
Maya Fleischer
The year is nearing to an end and Hanukkah is right around the corner. This coincidental timing got me thinking about this past year as well as the insights I acquired and the challenges  >>
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