2Know Magazine: Sharing KM Knowledge
2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
July 2014 - Magazine No. 178
July 2014 - Magazine No. 178
A known rule of thumb in the world of UX is that it's very important to validate and review (both planned and constructed) in cooperation with users. Some approaches, methodologies and even several technologies that assist in this mission all targeted at the same goal: to receive and analyze the response- both conscious and subliminal-provided by the user as a reaction to the screen presented to h
Organizations aware of Knowledge Management's role in promoting business success, invest much effort and resources in adapting and conserving the knowledge as well as making it accessible for the relevant target audiences. Recently, this activity has been generating increasing awareness. Yet simultaneously, another field associated with KM is gaining volume and resonance: detecting "knowledge
Classic BI includes collecting information from different information and operation systems (CRM, ERP…), integrating and processing the information and re-presenting it as a set of organizational indicators  >>
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