2Know Magazine: Sharing KM Knowledge
2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
February 2014 - Magazine No. 173
February 2014 - Magazine No. 173
Jay Liebowitz falls under the second category, as he is one of approximately 30 academics promoting the field in the US. Furthermore, he is regarded as either the first or second, in terms of the number of publications and books he has produced on the subject
Some new features in Sharepoint 2013 are really important… The personal micro blog is currently the most important tool in the organizational social media's toolbox as it provides added value to the organization and  >>
A fascinating area in the work of any organizational consultant, especially KM consultants, is instructing learning teams and communities. Some teams gather and learn under the title of "new knowledge development";  >>
The personal microblog is a vital tool in any organization's social media toolkit due to the added value it contributes to the organization and its workers and its high usefulness, simple use and easy implementation.  >>
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