2Know Magazine: Sharing KM Knowledge
2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
July 2013 - Magazine No. 166
July 2013 - Magazine No. 166
We all deal with telling the story of our life's events, whether done consciously or not. We constantly share stories about different occurrences with others and others share with us: stories about what happened, stories  >>
User Experience (hereby referred to as UX) is a human experience that affects the way a person thinks, feels or acts when using a system (website, software), product or service. In many cases it is synonymous with a user  >>
Knowledge Management is a new field, established around 1995. Therefore, it is not that common in organizations at all. Nevertheless, since knowledge is increasingly becoming a critical factor assisting  >>
I met the client for the first time a few months ago. Prior to our meeting we spoke on the phone, briefly discussed the objectives she wishes to promote in the organization, the current situation and the organizational  >>
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