2Know Magazine: Sharing KM Knowledge
2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
January 2013 - Magazine No. 160
January 2013 - Magazine No. 160
Let's begin with some background: on October 30 th , 2011 the Standards Institution of Israel published the first Knowledge Management standard (ISO Israeli Standard 25006). The standard was written by the Israeli  >>
Approximately a month ago, I published an article that discussed defining Knowledge Management differently than the definition commonly found in various sources. In this article I wish to continue my journey, titled "Knowledge Management in our lives". I will discuss additional components of the field and how they manifest in our day-to-day lives, namely: sharing, development of new know
The term BI3.0 refers to a Business intelligence solution that enables the use of Social Media characteristics, as information sharing, collective decision making, personalized information, Social media characteristics  >>
Written by Rom Knowledgeware
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