Utilizing the WIX platform for Knowledge Management in organizations

What does WIX, a free website building service, have to do with Knowledge Management in our organization? The two matters are seemingly irrelated. Intra-organizational KM is just that- the way we manage, create, save, and update the organizational knowledge items and documents using various tools and platforms based on the existing intra-organizational platform, such as SharePoint or any other platform your organization uses.

The WIX platform is meant for building websites in the World Wide Web and is an open platform for anyone interested in setting up a website. It offers various tools and options for free as well as many paid features and upgrades.


Source: WIX.com



It is worth noting that when we wish to set up an intra-organizational website, the WIX platform is off the table for both technical reasons (the website setup is extra-organizational) and due to Data Security.

How can the WIX platform benefit KM in our organization?

The WIX platform can be used indirectly to promote our organization's Knowledge Management. Besides setting up an extra-organizational website for our business, WIX can also provide additional ideas we can adapt into our organizational environment, such as:

  • Viewing examples of websites, functional templates for websites and pages
  • Design, UI, UX, creative solutions for displaying information and making it more accessible
  • Utilities for courses on website building and internet applications
  • Building demo websites to illustrate POC solution




Source: WIX.com



Another advantage of using WIX is that the company as a platform is constantly expanding and evolving; for an organization with a love for innovation and entrepreneurship, this is great news.


What about the future?

The WIX platform is, as mentioned above, developing and growing. Only two years ago it began its way as a revolutionary, innovative website-building platform that included a free model beside different purchasable website features; nowadays, several additional platforms are available under the WIX brand:

  • WIX Logo: a platform for creating a designed logo
  • WIX ShoutOut: a platform for creating email designs and email marketing campaigns
  • WIX Stores: a platform for creating online stores
  • WIX Answers: platforms for setting up knowledgebases, Knowledge Management service center system, Technical Support systems and Customer Service systems.

These features and more will be discussed in future articles.