The dictionary defines ontology as 'the philosophical study of the nature of the being'. The ontology of an organization is the map of relationships between the words spoken in the organization, i.e. the world of terms and their interconnections. The words themselves are the organizational professional jargon and taxonomy machines. Ontology is linking all the words to groups. These groups represent characteristics and values and their interrelations.


For example, "the bank has offered monthly short-term deposits as an alternative for purchasing stocks, both for private clients and business clients".

The taxonomy: monthly short-term deposits, stocks, private client, business client.

The Ontology: stocks and monthly short-term deposits are connected to a "Savings Channel" group; private and personal are connected to a "type of client" group.


What, in Knowledge Management is based on ontology?

  1. Navigation trees (the knowledge trees) are based on ontology.
  2. Search attributes that focus the search based on ontology.
  3. Dictionaries
  4. Expert Maps.


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