The interesting upgrades in SHAREPOINT 2013: Social Newsfeed features/ Micro-blogging

The personal microblog is a vital tool in any organization's social media toolkit due to the added value it contributes to the organization and its workers and its high usefulness, simple use and easy implementation. Any user of SharePoint 2013 has his own personal website (dubbed My site) which concentrates information on the user's abilities, activities and publishing. The personal homepage also hosts the personal microblog or "personal newsfeed".  Users can publish a short messages/data for other users (not unlike a Twitter 'tweet' or a short Facebook post).

The micro-blog's features include:

  • Sharing: users can decide who to share their published data with: the entire organization, the users of a certain website, or followers of their personal newsfeed. Furthermore, users which follow the activity of a certain user (by "liking" his page) view which of their posts were "liked" by said user.
  • Tagging: users can add a #HashTag to their messages so that any search involving the tagged subject will present their personal publishing. Furthermore, popular tags will be displayed on the tag-cloud in the periphery of the page for public use.
  • Mention: users can add a @mention to their published message/post, linking other involved users that can thus follow these messages and stay updated.
  • Additions: One can also add links (hyperlinks, URL addresses, etc.) as well as media items (pictures or videos).
  • Publishing management: users can edit or delete their published messages.

The data above was collected via a review of YouTube lectures.