The SharePoint App

The SharePoint App for android and IOS devices was announced a few months ago. Now, the initial version has been launched to Google Play and Apple Store. The app is free and can be downloaded in less than a minute (as I can testify from personal experience). Downloaders are then requested to enter their email address and password. That's it, you're done (assuming the process is possible according to the organization's data security policy).

At this point the app is exclusively designated for and supported by SharePoint. According to its adds, the app will also be available to SharePoint 2013 / 2016 on premise in the future.


What does the app actually offer?

The SharePoint app allows workers to continue working online when not near a computer. It enables access to crew websites, organizational portal, resources (documents), as well as search for content and officiaries throughout the organizational network (all via the organizational interant). The app also features (according to its ads) customized displays and a synchronized approach to the OneDrive app and Office Online 365.

The images (courtesy of the Google Play app page) for illustration:



Here are two YouTube videos:

Here is a basic explanation of the app's abilities:


SharePoint 2013 - Mobile Application Overview

A detailed explanation of its screens and features:

Your Intranet in Your Pocket: The SharePoint mobile app


A bit on numbers and interpretation

According to stats published by Microsoft, "SharePoint is used by nearly 220,000 organizational clients and serves more than 190 million workers worldwide". It is only natural to expect millions of downloads of the new app and a quick adaption to it in today's market.

Surprisingly, Google Play shows that only 10,000 downloads have taken place. How is this indeed so?


Here's my assumption: despite the technology's simple accessibility most organizations refrain from implementing it due to technical issues or matters of data security.

I will be closely reviewing the subject and expect to see some progress in both download rates and implementation of this new application.



The SharePoint app @ the Google Play store


YouTube video:

• SharePoint 2013 - Mobile Application Overview 
Your Intranet in Your Pocket: The SharePoint mobile app