Winner Application

The term 'Winner Application' refers to knowledge, whether an application or knowledgebase, presented as part of a portal or any similar framework application. Their purpose is to attract users to enter. A year or two ago, we thought a picture or notification was enough to get people to enter the website. As time went by, we understood that selective entering is insufficient. We need to provide real knowledge and information, the "WOW" kind. The kind of knowledge that will make users want to use everything surrounding it, search and request for more.

How does one choose a winner application? In order to do this, you must locate knowledge/information that is critical for the activity of the application/portal's target audience as well as locate knowledge/information that is not presented (at least not in an integrative manner) anywhere else in the organization. Deciding on a winner application must be made only after consulting the users and must include their active participation in the characterization process. Information should be believable and maintained since it serves as an anchor for other applications and knowledge items.